Here you can find out about upcoming events and view photo galleries of past events. Some events may allow for online registration and the ticket purchase. 

Non - Solicitation Policy

The Timely Entrepreneur® supports the entrepreneur by offering opportunities to coalesce and grow their business through the mutually beneficial objectives of:

• facilitating interactions and connections

• creating and building relationships

• assessing common interests and objectives

• initiating future contacts as agreed to by all parties


When you attend any event / forum of The Timely Entrepreneur® (TTE), please note that photography, video, and audio recording may occur. By attending any of TTE’s events / forum, you consent to any one or more of TTE’s interview(s), photography, audio recording, or video recording of you without your receiving any compensation.  You also give The Timely Entrepreneur® unlimited permission to release, publish, exhibit, or reproduce any such photographs, images, video recordings, or audio recordings made during the event / forum.  The Timely Entrepreneur®, its affiliates, and representatives may use any one or more of such photographs, images, video recordings, or audio recordings for any purpose in any one or more of news or press releases, web casts, promotional materials, telecasts, advertising, or web sites. You release TTE, its officers, directors, employees, and contractors from any liability connected with the taking, recording, digitizing, or publishing any of such interviews, photographs, computer images, video recordings or audio recordings. The Timely Entrepreneur®, furthermore, lacks any obligation to use any one or more of photographs, images, video recordings or audio recordings in which you appear. 


The Timely Entrepreneur’s Launch and Learn 2019 Event (the official Launch for the Grow Your Business In a Snap! Series)

Location:- NALIS Port-of-Spain

Time:- 2pm - 5pm

Cost:- FREE  


MONDAY, JULY 29 2019

Preparation of Basic Terms and Conditions for Your Business

Location:- Chaguanas 

Time:- 9am - 12pm

Cost:- $250TT



The Ultimate Secret Guide to Website Planning

Location:- Chaguanas

Time:- 9am - 12pm

Cost:- $300TT


Launch & Learn 2018


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