Indefinitely, financial stress can hinder productivity and is the leading cause of anxiety among entrepreneurs. The inability to make profits and meet financial deadlines as well as secure constant cash flow, weighs heavily on the Entrepreneur’s mind.

The month of January is National Financial Wellness Month! It’s perfect timing because Entrepreneurs and those desiring to start a business are preparing for tax season and making their New Year’s resolutions. It is the ideal time to start thinking about your money and what exactly you want your money to do for you.

We urge you this month, to think about your financial well-being and pay attention to your financial health, bearing in mind that your health is also your wealth.

The Timely Entrepreneur Resource and  Research Centre believes that Financial Literacy can indeed reduce your overall financial stress and increase your financial wellness.

So to kick things off, we are starting the year with our Financial Toolkit for Entrepreneurs on January 25 because we know that Money is one of the top stress-inducing concerns for Entrepreneurs.

Because so few startups and even existing businesses really understand financial literacy, TTERRC will make financial information and education more accessible to its consumers. TTERRC will provide the fundamentals and basic tax and credit essentials to help entrepreneurs develop the right habits early on.

On a national level, financially healthy businesses can create a macroeconomic impact on communities at local, regional and national levels, thus the reason we encourage the building of financial wellness among our Entrepreneurs

Our Entrepreneur Sessions will help you become financially empowered to experience less stress and more ease of cash flow. With these sessions, you can aim to live an improved quality of life as a result of better business.

Sometimes, a simple activity as mapping out the figures can assist with money-related stressors. Stay tuned so you can book your space at our upcoming Entrepreneur session so that you will have better control of your money in 2021!



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Cherise Castle-Blugh is the author of The Timely Entrepreneur Series and the Director of Entrepreneur Services at The Timely Entrepreneur®. She has been working to grow the Trinidad and Tobago Entrepreneurial community, creating resources and events to support entrepreneurs.