People talk highly about the ‘business’ side of being an entrepreneur, but don’t mention what it takes from you at a mental, emotional and physical level.

When I started my business, I didn’t think that it would take more from me mentally and emotionally, so I just prepared myself for the physical part of it.

I just started a business and dived into being and entrepreneur without hesitation of what it will cost me.

Love is in full bloom as we welcome Valentine’s Day 2020. The language of love is universal, and goes by ài, amor, amore, sa rang, liefde l’amour, liebe or pyar in some countries. These endearing terms all carry equal emotional sentiments, and the feeling of adoration, affection, warmth and joy that this exceptional day brings.

Every country in the world is captivated by the tradition, sentiment and allure of Valentine’s Day and all it brings. Originally, a day dedicated to lovers struck by Cupid’s arrow has now shifted to a festive occasion enjoyed and celebrated by one and all. In the present day, Valentine’s is considered as a time to extend appreciation, reverence and affection to those who impact on your life in some way or the other.

Dear Entrepreneurs,

As we progressively forge ahead in 2020, let us choose to break through the surrounding distractions, noise and clutter. It is imperative that we safeguard our minds and nourish it with the right substance and sustenance. This New Year is all about visualization, determination, direction and delivery. So having the right attitude and mindset is equally as important.

The life of an entrepreneur is filled with spectacular days and challenging ones, multiple successes and opportunities, and at times failures and disappointments. As entrepreneurs transition through various stages in the Business Life Cycle, we are bombarded daily by the need to make choices and decisions, which can be challenging, taxing on our health, and account for fluctuating stress levels.