“People buy from people they know and trust”


Are you a newly developed Entrepreneur, Author, or other Business person ready to be seen as an expert in your industry?

The Timely Entrepreneur Resource and Research Centre is actively seeking to create thought-leaders. If you are ready to work with us to build your brand, reach and following, then message us today via email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., subject heading – Thought-Leader; and we will contact you to get started on in-person speaking engagements. We can help you get the start you need. 

If you would like us to help position you in another way, we can do that too! Simply choose how you would like to work with us and have us help you get validated by filling in the form in the link provided here: 


If your topic, product or service is one that customers tend to research before they buy, then you need a content marketing strategy. Contact us to choose a possible tactic that can be implemented quickly and let’s position you as an expert. Let’s help establish your credibility.


Reasons why you should become a Thought-Leader with TTERRC:

  • Get your name and speciality known
  • Establish your credibility
  • Be seen as a Thought Leader (expert with your own views in your field)
  • Make yourself a trusted resource
  • Win social media friends and followers who you can eventually turn into customers/clients
  • Expand your network and your networth
  • People buy from people they know and trust
  • Grow globally...and we're sure there are many more reasons.


We are ready to have that chat.

Click below to choose the best way forward to put yourself out there and make that connection now with one of our business developers. You can choose from our 3 options of promotion or you can even choose all 3!









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Cherise Castle-Blugh is the author of The Timely Entrepreneur Series and the Director of Entrepreneur Services at The Timely Entrepreneur®. She has been working to grow the Trinidad and Tobago Entrepreneurial community, creating resources and events to support entrepreneurs.

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