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What motivates you as an entrepreneur or a business person?


What makes you want to get up everyday and be determined to succeed in your business or personal life?


What makes you strive to be or become your best self?


Thomas Edison said, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”


How close do you feel to booking your first client, contract or customer?


When I had just become a Coach I had my first client without any effort, she just came to me. With the taste of my first client in the air I was eager to book more clients.


I started getting into groups, socializing, even giving free sessions to people when I can.


I was so excited gaining my first client and hearing how happy she was with my services. I really just wanted to know if I have what it takes to make many people happy.


The thing is, I just love coaching more than I have ever did with any other job. For me coaching wasn’t about the money or anything else, but hearing how I added value and change to someone’s life.


The feeling was something I never experienced in my life , so I craved making people happy.


I remember writing in my note book, “My purpose in life is to make people extraordinary and happy all the time.”


Never had I imagined that my pillar of determination would be waking up everyday to make people happy and shine their light.


With the way things have been going this year, it’s important to remember why you do what you do as an entrepreneur - remind yourself of your determination and purpose.


Why did you become an entrepreneur?


What is the pillar of your determination?


“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.” Tommy Lasorda


Someone I spoke too once said, “The same thing I do, so can you, it’s just a matter of your determination to want success or change.”


Are you determined to get success or change?


Are you determined to get new clients, customers, or contracts?


How great is your determination to get it?


Making people extraordinary and happy was very important to me, therefore so was my determination for it.


Determination also comes with great belief. You need to believe in who you are and what you do. Otherwise, why bother to be determined if you don’t even believe in yourself?


About Crystal

Hi there. My name is Crystal Foyle.

I have been a life coach for my business “Beautiful Thoughts” for the last 6 months. I choose the name Beautiful Thoughts because it reflected persons choosing to only focus on the beautiful things in life. 

When I just started coaching I centered my field around Confidence and Transitional Coaching. I recently changed my field to Personal Life Coaching because my clients came to me more about Personal Life.
Contact: 868-317-9507

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